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Quereme como el viento. Olvidalo, mejor no. No me querás.

Estas cosas pican. El aire sopla y yo “poso” (bueno, me paro en frente de la cámara) con una sonrisa y el pelo despeinado, como siempre lo ando. Dejo que el trabajo lo haga el vestido y las flores altas estas que combinan, ah y mi hermana que tiene que tomar más de una foto para que yo tenga opciones donde escoger. Si, escogí estas tres, que son las “mejores”. Dos no tienen sentido pero hacen relleno y punto. Muchos puntos…

Hasta puntos digo pronto. ¿No? ¿Nada? Haha, vemos pue.
– Guchi

Weird All

Mini Miny- Mo

What’s a blog nowadays? Is it something we do for ourselves or something we think we’re doing for everybody else? I write here cause I can, cause it’s someplace other than my notebook, than my twitter, than my evernote. It’s public, it’s freeing (as in, it has no word limit), it’s universal and it’s also a little personal. I don’t expect people to read it cause it never says much, when you do though I feel like I sparked happily into a thousand million pieces and covered the earth as a second sun. (I know that would probably be the end of the world so maybe it’s not so good that you guys read me.) This is supposed to be a fashion blog, and fashion is always the last thing I talk about, but I think clothes speak for themselves, your mind will interpret something of it by itself and you will then comment on it. And that’s what’s great about blogs, we find people with common interests from anywhere in this big blue dot and we have conversations and share things with each other. And it’s weird huh? The power of blogs, the power of todays readers… I find that every dot in my shirt is a blog but it wouldn’t even cover the porcentage of fashion blogs out there, cause a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second so puff!

Always a pleasure,
Guchi Cálix.

Get in Line

All Over the PlaceGet in Line Overdosed

Lazy day? Get leather in the way. At first what I really wanted with this was to have white and ripped jean look good together. Off course, then, I had to think of what shoes to wear it with, and well, so on. It’s really  casual but it’s trying to care, or making it seem that way… or at least this post is. Peace out!
– Guchi


The Little Black Tee Over Denim Dress It's really littleIt’s day two of the “comeback” and we’re still here. So far, so good.

When I write here, it’s mostly to get some peace of mind, I mean, I’m never really saying much anything but I am writing freely, as thoughts come by, and it can be so… nice. Not that I don’t edit, I do try to make things shorter, smaller, more little so you’ll still (it’s a long stretch) want to read them. Now speaking of little, yes, that is how I decided to direct the attention to my shirt, who instead of being a classis little black dress it’s announcing itslef (ego much?) to be a little small tee.  Haha it’s so small I don’t have much to go on about. Always a pleasure.

- Guchi.

Stop Right Now

It Was Night Almost Unwatchable Outfit

Stop. Whatever you’re thinking, stop. Indulge. Indulge in the world. Indulge in the word. Dive yourself plenty on a thing, something, anything, new, old, something that’ll make you smile, that’ll make you remember, that’ll make you cry, crying is kinda liberating. Feel, fill up life with life. Listen, glisten with sounds that blissen your soul. Close your eyes and breath time. Open your eyes and travel through light. Capture scents and let yourself into them. Tell stories with your body. Make rythmn with your soul. You know, anything that’ll get you off the computer and out in the “wild”, like I should be right now. Enough BS. (It’s all the universe pants fault). I’m off now, “Thank you very much”. (Tell me what voice you read that in, cause I was innitially going for the Spice Girls song in the title but it really is Elvis’s line so now idk.) Okbye!

- Guchi

The Mix, The Fix

DSC_0395B DSC_0400C DSC_0406AColor me softly with this scarf…

How to explain what I don’t want to understand? Have you ever felt… like a plastic bag haha. No, but serious now. Oh who am I kidding I don’t like getting serious, at least not in this blog, not with these clothes, not in this post. I’m getting my color fix, I’m getting my happy mix.That’s what I like about clothes, they’re just an extension of how we feel/want to feel (If we play the game smart), another way to express, to convey taste and to portray personality, there is no good or bad if the look is telling you something about the person, and trust me it always will. A same piece of garment will rarely look or say the same thing about two people, clothes really hate being unoriginal like that. Take this scarf, I stole it from a friend of mine (Btw Lar I’m never giving it back! Muahaha) er, I forgot where I was going with this, but do look to read what the pieces in the puzzle that’s a look, any look, are spelling for you.

– Guchi

Fellow Follow

Jey JeyMuse Available

Hello there you awesome readers out there! I come here, on this post to mention/suggest/admire a fellow Honduran blogger of mine, one that’s worth your time! (I love a good rhyme :D) I met Jey a couple of years ago and we immediately clicked, he was as kind as can be, as fun and as stylish as you’ll see. We worked together in one of the best fashion stores my beautiful capital has seen, unfortunately it no longer exists but it did leave a whole bunch of good things… As of now, Jey and I do some occasional collaborations on shoots for his blog: Fashion Available which includes all kinds of sections and tips for your stylish bone, so go, get fashion available!

See you luego!
– Guchi.

Sour Pattern

Everybody One, 2, Step Shower Flower All in AllHello ma’ Peeps! It’s been so long…

Today I fill your day with a pattern full of flowers and comebacks! This is a look combined with two, three, four of my favorite things (8); Power flowers, tall-to-the-waist bottoms, flat boots and red, just red. So you know, it’s a pretty easy set up to combo nicely with Monday! I’ll tell ya’, I bought this top on a recent trip to the beach (Tela if you wanna be familiar to Honduran territory), you won’t believe me (I barely can) but I paid the grand amount of  “wait for it”… half a dollar for it (:O I know right!? $0.50/ Lps. 10.00)! I’m so proud of myself I had to make this post. You understand right? Do come back to hear of more deals dears…

Adios Pues!
– Guchi

Pink, it was love at first sight

7ps DSC_0537 DSC_0549 DSC_0550 DSC_0558 DSC_0491 DSC_0501 DSC_0504 la foto-6 la foto-5 la foto-4


Pink, it’s my new obsession, yeah
Pink, it’s not even a question
Pink, on the lips of your lover
‘Cause pink is the love you discover
Pink, as the bing on your cherry
Pink, ’cause you are so very
Pink, it’s the color of passion

‘Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink, it was love at first sight…


Hace poco fui a una tienda de accesorios muy pequeña y en la entrada tenían lo que parecía una oferta de chongos (no me mencionen ofertas porque me vuelvo loca). Al empezar a verlos me di cuenta que no eran cualquier tipo de chongos, eran hechos a mano y no hay nada que me vuelva mas loca que las cosas hechas a mano y mas si son de mi propio país. Pues como pueden ver no me pude resistir y me termine obsesionando con este en especifico, y desde entonces con el rosado. Realice dos trajes, uno para día y otro para la noche, solo para resaltar los diferentes peinados que se pueden realizar con el y esos solo son dos, habrán muchos más. (Un dato curioso es que en el atuendo de día hay otro accesorio que esta hecho a mano y desde que lo compre también me obsesione con el.)

I recently went to a very small accessory shop, and at the entrance they had what looked like a ribbons offer (don’t say offers to me because I go crazy). As I was going through them I realized that they were not any kind of ribbons, they were handmade and there is nothing that drives me crazier than handmade things and more if they are from my own country. Well I couldn’t resist so I bought several and I ended up obsessed with this one specifically, and since then with the pink. I made two outfits, one for day and one for night. (A curious fact is that in the outfit of day there is another accessory that is  also handmade and since I bought it I have been obsessed with it too).


“Salamanders in the sun”

5 9dos 10 13 16dos 20 22 23dos

Je n’oublierai jamais ces jours merveilleux, qui sont si clairs dans mon cœur et ma mémoire.

Les choses simples semblaient si profondes.

Puis il y a cette photo : le soleil brille au dessus de la Seine,

le ciel rempli de couleurs que des artistes ont tentés de capturer pendant des siècles.

Being with you (in Paris) -Steve Vai

Estaba pensando en un nombre para este post mientras naturalmente escuchaba música para inspirarme, y da la coincidencia que las primeras 2 que me salen son del artista favorito de mi hermano. La primera: “Salamanders in the sun” y la segunda “Being with you in Paris” que es una de mis favoritas de Steve Vai. Encajan perfectamente con las fotos opino yo porque al momento que mi genial hermana las tomaba y estábamos en el campo soleado lleno de pájaros y mariposas se venian pequeñas brisas que parecían acariciarnos y solo podía pensar en el, como usualmente lo hago cuando siento brisas. Y no solo en el si no también en todas las estrellas que están en el cielo cuidando de nosotros y lo bendecidos que somos haber conocido y de conocer gente tan increíble. La separación de alguien a quien amas es difícil, pero pensar que están en un lugar mil veces mas hermoso y mas pacifico que ese campo es lo mas liberado y reconfortante que existe. :)

Entonces si tuviera que definir este atuendo lo describiría como libre y feliz :)


I was thinking of a name for this post while listening to music to inspire myself, and coincidentally the first 2 that played are from my brother’s favorite artist. The first: “Salamanders in the sun” and the second “Being with you in paris” which is one of my favorites of Steve Vai. They fit perfectly with the photos I think, because the moment when my awesome sister took them and we were in sunny field full of birds and butterflies where occassionally we were embraced by small breezes and I could only think about him, as I usually do when I feel breezes. And not only about him but also in all the stars in heaven taking care of us and how blessed we are to have known and to meet such amazing people. The separation from someone you love is difficult, but to think they are in a place a thousand times more beautiful and more peaceful than that the field is the most comforting and liberating there is.

So if I had to define this outfit I would describe it as free and joyful :)

Yours, Gaby :)


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